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By: Groshan Fabiola
When it comes to surveillance, technology has managed to surprise everyone. More and more devices of an intriguing complexity seem to appear on the specialized market, turning the entire surveillance field into one that seems to bear no limits. From the well known surveillance camera of large dimensions placed in the highest corner of the room to hidden, small cameras, the experts don't stop here. The network video recorder is among the newest members of the surveillance family, bringing observation to the next level.

The Standalone NVR is actually a complex software (and hardware) which helps interested users monitoring and storing recordings from IP cameras, easy searches of them, playing and exporting. Probably the most important difference between the NVR and the traditional surveillance system is that the user is given the possibility to view both live videos, as well as previously recorded footage, without being tied up to a device. The user is permitted to access the surveillance systems through any Internet connected device. Moreover, the NVR comes in a wireless form for home use, announcing the user of any changes through an e-mail message. This product has impressed many users through its high level of usability, but it must not be forgotten that the network video recorder can provide you with several other benefits as well.

First of all, it must be mentioned that this devices is professionally made, properly identifying IP cameras in close range. After locating them, it will start performing its setup, this way the NVR will start functioning properly. Due to the fact, that Standalone NVR is dedicated only for surveillance purposes, the surveillance system is also safe, when referring to online threats. Viruses will not affect this software and this is actually a very important gain. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the Standalone NVR will not influence other applications, functioning in most operating systems. This means that the user will be able to view the recordings from basically any PC, the only requirement being the internet access. It is good to know that a professional NVR will be able to connect to both IP and analog cameras using video servers. Although most people use this system to establish a connection with IP cameras, analog devices can be used together with video servers as well.

Because there have been several questions regarding the motion detection sensors, you should be aware of the fact that such features are nowadays integrated in most network IP cameras and then easily interconnected from them to this system. The benefit is that you will not be required to purchase a completely different device to ensure your property with a higher level of protection. You can simply add a motion sensor to your system as well. Depending on the brand of your NVR, you will surely discover many other benefits, all coming to support the impression that this tool is definitely a professional one. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a high level of security, then be sure to identify a trustworthy provider, with a lot of experience in this field and purchase your very own standalone network video recorder.

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