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By: Robert T Scott
Purchasing clothing for your children can be challenging enough, but add needing to discover the ideal outfit for -15° C climates into the mix and you have quite a job on your hands. It doesn't matter if you're going on a snowboard vacation or simply trying out winter sports at your regional center, finding the right snowboard clothes is still crucial. We've put together an easy to follow guide which will be your bible when it comes to shopping for children ski clothing.

Ski Jackets For Children.

You can normally discover the 3 primary kinds of jacket: All 3 are listed here.

Insulated Jackets.

This is the most popular type of ski and snowboarding jacket. Insulated jackets are great to keep you warm and are usually stuffed with down feathers or artificial fibres. The waterproof level of the jackets external layer will be gauged in millimetres, Trespass coats have a specific range concentrated on waterproofing called Tres-Tex which is a very prominent seller amongst outdoor fans. An insulated coat will last you from season to season and can be worn for other activities, like walking the dog during the depths of winter.

Shell Jackets.

The outer layer protection is provided by the shell jackets. They are not insulated and so are best used with multiple layers, which you can adapt to different situations and levels of activity. Shell coats offer excellent protection from moisture as they use a special waterproofing material and the fabric is breathable which also helps.

3 in 1 Jackets.

This is the most versatile ski coat you can go for. By combining shell and insulation into one coat, 3 in 1 jackets are fantastic value and very popular. 3 in 1 jackets often have a removable layer which you can wear on it's own as a stand alone coat when the weather is milder in temperature.

It's recommended that you get your children to try on the different types of coats to see which will be the best fit for them. If your children enjoy a wide range of activities all year round, a 3 in 1 jacket would be a wonderful choice. This way you can adjust the coat to your children.

Ski trousers.

When checking out snowboard trousers for children, make sure you look for similar details as the coats. Pants with a strengthened knees and seat should be the one crucial design to look for when purchasing snowboard pants. Having strengthened knees and backside is helpful if you're a beginner snowboarder as they'll help cushion your fall and also help avoid a bad accident. This also helps with rips and tears and make your pants last longer.

Having lots of room in your snowboard pants is crucial as it allows you to move a little more freely. This will also make your trousers last longer as they can use them for a lot longer and avoid having to buy new trousers when your children grow a little. A great way to avoid doing this is to get snowboard pants with an adjustable waist and lots of room in the legs.

Design Details.

Some important design details to look out for when shopping for ski clothes can save you cash. Here is a brief list of the key things to keep an eye out for:

Waterproof Levels.

As we've discussed, checking your snowboard clothing for levels of waterproofing is very crucial. We recommend that ideally your children's snowboard coat should be waterproof from 10,000 millimetres-- 20,000 millimetres.


While the weather may be cool outside, inside your ski coat you will be working up a sweat from the active energy. A breathable jacket will allow any moisture and sweat to escape from the breathable fabric and still keep you warm.


This is used for the same purpose as breathable jackets. A great quality ski coat will have zipped vents around the arm pits, which allow cold air to get in and helps to cool down the body when it gets too hot.

Taped Seams.

Waterproofing is all well and excellent, but actually it becomes void if you don't have taped seams. With waterproof jackets, the stitching in the material creates a weak point which can be a problem as water can seep in through the small holes in the material.' Taped seams help to stop this, by covering the stitching.


You will want your children's snowboard wear to have adjustable cuffs, typically made with Velcro straps. Having adjustable cuffs are crucial to avoid any snow getting into the sleeves and creating ice cool water running up their arm.


There are lots of little extras included in the design of snowboard coats and pants which you want to look out for. These are the primary ones that you will actually require / use.

Detachable And Adjustable Hood.

This helps to avoid cool winds getting caught in your hood, often when individuals pull their hood up over their helmet.

Snow skirt.

Another excellent extra is a snow skirt, which is connected to the bottom of a ski coat and helps to stop snow getting into your jacket when you fall.


If you want your snowboard clothing to last longer, a fantastic tip is to buy them in neutral colours that can be worn buy either a boy or girl. This means you can pass your clothes down to younger relatives and get more usage from it. You can save yourself a lot of money by not having to purchase more snowboard wear every year.


You will be shocked by how many things you require to carry will skiing and snowboarding. Most individuals have essential items they require to keep with them. Lift passes, cash and cellphones are most common along with your ski goggles. Try buy jackets with zip pockets in the inside for valuables like smart phone and money. And also pockets that are exclusively for goggles and your ski pass. Although these are basic additions they do make your snowboard jacket a bit more user friendly.

So now you know exactly what to search for when buying children snowboard clothing, and next time you organize a ski vacation you'll be prepared for it.


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