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By: Davidi Payne
Before the era of technology, the main losses for business were financial fraud of the internal employees and external crooks, bribery, corruption and betrayal to the organization of the employees. But, as the technology progressed, the shape and size of frauds changed and have grown bigger. From a banker, to retailer, contractor, distributor, manager and restaurant owner, computer has become the basic tool of working in every kind of business. Where computer provides the feasibility of working easier and quicker, it has opened several new doors for the thugs and criminals to haunt you. Many of the businesses have suffered some kind of data breach and are unaware of that. The companies do not really pay the require attention to the risks that that their data faces and the loss they can suffer. There are many reasons why companies suffer data breach, some of these are:
Lack of awareness in employees
One of the basic reasons why companies face data breaches is that the employees are usually not educated well enough regarding the threats proposed to their data. Companies do not create awareness in their employees; they do not teach the protocols of data security, neither have they told them the hazards of information breach. Employees play a big role in data security and data breach; aware employees are more likely to protect data better than the unaware ones.
Restrict the personal use on company’s computer
IT department should play its part in the security of data of the company. IT department should have a proper check on what is happening on companies’ computers. Who is accessing which computer and which employees are using personal devices. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) principle is also proving to be hazardous for data security as employees leak data intentionally or unintentionally through it.
Wi-Fi security
Unsecure Wi-Fi connections are very much prone data breach. Unsecured Wi-Fi connections give passage to the cyber criminals to access your personal data and exploit it. Bank accounts, personal data and other confidential data should not be accessed through unsecured hotspot.
Security software
The traditional ways of making data secure have become quite easy to break through, therefore, using security software that can act as">Folder Locker can be quite handy. Keeping software is not a remedy, but, it should be updated regularly to neutralize the criminal attacks.
The least number of storage places should be used
If your data is diversely saved at a number of places, it can be difficult to make it secure. Places where data is saved should be minimum as it will provide you the ease of securing it.
Restrict excessive data saving on laptops
Now, employees save large amount of data on their laptops to carry data home and work from there. According to a research more than 40 percent of the laptops that get lost or stolen contain confidential information in them. The worst part is that not more than 15 or 16 percent of the lost laptops have any security measures to avoid data breach.
Loss of confidential records has become one of the most expansive losses to suffer. However, taking some precautions can avoid such big losses, but, unfortunately, companies do not seem to be interested in making their data secure.
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