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By: Groshan Fabiola
In a world where stressful jobs, harsh traffic, pressuring schedules and lack of sleep have become a constant scenario, dance is one of the few activities that can actually help us rediscover the playfulness, sex-appeal, sensuality, passion and energy hidden behind our stylish armours, clothes. As a matter of fact, dance is much more that the so-needed switch from daily tasks, it is also a great way of staying in shape while socializing, listening to music and increasing your endurance. Thus, starting from ideal health, strength, flexibility, active brain, to strong social ties, to confidence, to direct access to other cultures – there is nothing you can’t achieve when you let dance be part of your life. However, the bad news is that the same limitations mentioned above - time, energy, location, and possibilities represent more often than not, a strong impediment in joining dance classes or at least, it used to be, until technology has intervened and changed the dance floor once again. The concept is simple: by using an Internet connection, you can access a professional dance studio and enrol to private Skype dance lessons with just a few clicks.

This ideal platform for learning samba dancing, belly dancing or any other variations has succeeded in attracting thousands of learners and followers who have the chance of exploring dances from the comfort of their homes. The first set of advantages you gain when taking online dance classes is governed by convenience; thus, you can choose from an enormous array of dances practiced around the world, an option that was rather unreachable in most standard dancing schools, you can schedule your dance classes based on your particular program, you can enjoy online classes from any location as long as you have a basic Internet connection and a Skype account. Another benefit is the fact that you can benefit from the guidance of prestigious or world-class dance instructors, choreographers and performers without travelling thousands of miles. In addition, you can select a standard pack or an extensive pack to really grasp the rhythm, steps, turns, shifts, flicks, rolls, slides, travelling steps, circles, pops, locks, lifts and other relevant moves that define the dance. In fact this sequence of dance moves will be explained from scratch by the instructor, an essential point that will create a solid base for the dancing skills you will assimilate over time.

Other instruments used by instructors to introduce students to effective dance lessons are the illustrating videos that present both visually and auditory certain dance techniques and moves – the essence of a specific dance. In addition, these crystal-clear materials can be watched in slow motion, stopped, paused, replayed so that the viewer evaluates and adopt these steps. Gone are the days when you had to make astronomic efforts in order to take dance classes; now you can learn Brazilian samba from a world dance authority in your own, private space. In conclusion it can be said that is clearer than ever that technology and dance form an ideal partnership that has allowed people from all over the world to reconnect with their inner selves.

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