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By: Bluedolphin Crow
Secret 5: How to build steady sales for years to
come with eBook Directories!


Are you making this mistake in your business?

Are you to busy to submit to more than a handful of eBook
directories? Or worse yet, are you to busy to submit to
even one!

Stop! By all means take a minute to read this short and
to the point article. It will help you to build steady
sales for years to come.

Before we begin, here is what you need to put together
before you start going to the directories.

1. Great eBook Cover
This is a MUST! In order to promote correctly you
must have a great eBook cover. In this case, the
cover does sell the eBook.

2. 3 descriptions of varying lengths written out into
a text editor like notepad. Begin with 2 to 4
sentences and build to several paragraphs.

3. A list of 10 keywords.

Now, let's take a look at these separately.

First, a great eBook cover. Now there are eBook cover
makers on the Internet that you can buy to make a great
looking cover. You can also use some of the drawing
programs that are out there. If making your own ebook
cover is daunting to you, just relax and use this method:
Buy one from a professional eBook cover maker.

In this article I do not have enough room to help you
with the eBook Cover Programs. Simply go to a search
engine and look them up.

(Note: I will have an extensive list of eBook Cover
Programs in my upcoming eBook:
EBook Marketing Secrets Revealed. Please see the
end of this article for information.)

However, I can help you with a custom cover. Here is
a wonderful cover creator for you:

Just copy and paste the above URL into your browser and
away you go! Have fun!

Ok, now where were we. Oh yes…

Second, writing 3 descriptions about your eBook. This
is an essential step and must not be taken lightly. You
will need these descriptions when you go to enter your eBook
into the eBook Directories.

The reason I have you write 3 of varying lengths is to
accommodate the different directory layouts.

Third, make a list of ten keywords. This is very important.
I suggest you go to some of the directories first and type
in some keywords you think you'd like to use and see what
the results will be. This will show you what others are
looking under and what other eBooks will be listed. This
way you can narrow down your ten best keywords.

In addition to your list of three descriptions and keywords
add the following to you file: your title, your name, email
address and website URL.

Ok, now let's move forward.

eBook directories will increase both your short term and
long term sales. It all depends on the directory itself.
Some directories have a large audience that shops regularly,
this will increase your long term sales. Other directories
have large spurts of sales and of course this will increase
your short-term traffic.

eBook directories are not just good for sales, they make
excellent research helpers as well. When I was first
beginning my first eBook I went to a dozen or more eBook
Directories and researched via keywords the different
topics my eBook would carry. This gave me a great idea
of what was already on the market and where there were
possible niche markets.

In addition, I found hundreds of eBooks to download for free.
This is the biggest help I had in getting over the Internet
learning curve. I also learned from those eBooks how to
write an eBook and how not to write an eBook. It becomes
oh so clear when you use this type of research.

Today there are so many people submitting to the eBook
directories you need to become familiar with the many
different types of directories before you begin listing.

First there are still some directories that are free to
list in. Then there are those that charge a fee to list
unless you don't mind waiting 30 days or more in which
case the listing becomes free again. Still others ask
you to add a link to your website before they will add
you to their directory. You must decide which avenues
you wish to walk down and then head for those types of

Many of the directories today utilize submission guidelines.
When you see this make sure you take the time to read them.
They are invaluable! The more you know about a particular
eBook directory the better your chances of gaining a good

Here are three eBook Directories to get you started.

Well that's it for today!

Happy listing!

Bluedolphin Crow

About the author:

Bluedolphin Crow Ph.D. is the author of an eBook called:
eBook-Marketing-Secrets-Revealed! Rreserve your copy go to:
"How to eBooks" - Free eZine:

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