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By: Marcus Lee
Dance classes for kids are steadily growing in popularity as parents become more involved and concerned about the health of their children. Parents are looking for ways to add more physical activity into their child's daily routine and lessen the time they spend in front of a computer or television screen. By signing your child up for dance classes, you can work towards achieving this goal.

Type of Dance Studio - When searching for dancing lessons for your child, it is important that you look for a top quality dance studio. The dance programs offered for kids should be taught by experienced, professional teachers who specialize in the instruction of dance for children. A good quality class is based on research and takes into consideration children's psychology, motor skills development and learning curve. A proper dance school for kids offers creative movement for children between the ages of three and five years old. When trying to choose a dance studio, there are some factors you should consider.

• Classes with less than 10 children are more effective and show better results. • Small children have a shorter attention span. It is important to use different techniques to keep the children interested. A good class will incorporate toys, songs, props, stories and games. • A class for small children should only last about 45 minutes. • Good dance programs will incorporate exercises such as stretching, rhythm development, motor skills development and muscle memory training. • Games are a fun part of the dance program, but not the primary focus in the classroom. Games should provide excitement and breaks for children.

Positive Effect on Children - Taking dancing classes has a positive effect on children on many levels. Some of those are improving endurance, improving flexibility, developing social skills, strengthening major muscles and joints, improving confidence and self-esteem.

Dancing as a Hobby or Profession - Dancing is something that can become a profession or hobby. However, some people think that they have no balance and cannot dance. This is fixed by learning dance during the childhood years because during childhood, the brain is in its best learning state.

Ballet - There are several types of classes you can choose from. The more common is ballet. Ballet is for boys and girls both. Classes will have more girls, but boys are welcome in the classes. Most little girls dream of being a ballerina. Ballet dancing strengthens leg muscles and keeps your child active.

Jazz and Tap - The sister dance of ballet is jazz. Jazz is more upbeat, but it is still graceful like ballet. Another fun dance for children is tap dancing. Tap dancing involves special dancing shoes that make a clicking sound that goes along with the beat of the song.

Hip-Hop Dancing - One of the more recent classes offered for kids is hip-hop dancing. This is a modern dance that comes in many forms. These forms include popping, locking and breaking. The breaking is also known as break dancing. The locking and popping are two separate styles often mistaken for each other. With locking, there is a pause between movements. With popping, there is a jerking movement along with some gliding and sliding movements. Dance is continually upgrading. Many new styles of dance are created every day. Some dancers will put a bit of jazz dance into a hip-hop dance routine and vice versa.

Dancing is a creative way that children can learn to express themselves. Not only can they express themselves, but they are benefiting their health at the same time.


Dance is a proven way to lead an active lifestyle while having the time of your life. For dance classes led by knowledgeable instructors, Marcus recommends Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. Located at 509 Parliament St Toronto, ON M4X 1P3‎, call (416) 924-5657 for more information.
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