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By: Janice Stone
Searching for a good dentist might be much easier if you try to request referrals from individuals who have already experienced their own services - word of mouth as what they call it. This way you will be lessening the risk of bad experiences, as somebody else has taken that risk on your behalf in the past. This is a great way to filter-out malpractice and bad dentists. Looking for a great dentist might be simple if you know what precisely to look for and the way to eliminate bad ones within your list. The most important traits of a good dentist are endurance, persistence, dedication and enthusiasm to take care of your teeth rather than to remove them. All dentists are professionals, as all of them were formally educated and also trained to do their jobs. Nonetheless, having all the education and also skills are not enough. Personality and character is what makes the difference between an excellent and a bad dentist.


In essence, the primary difference between a good and a bad dentist is in their will to save or remove your teeth. A good dentist will TRY to restore and save your teeth by all means. For a great dentist, extracting your own teeth would be the last option as they will seek first other potential methods for you to keep them. Meanwhile, a bad dentist will put no effort in saving your teeth; even though it is still feasible, they will directly go for extraction. You should avoid these kinds of dentists no matter what, as they can do irreversible damage to your teeth and also dental cavities. Bear in mind that we are unique humans; therefore, each one of the 32 individual teeth we have is special. Hence, extraction should always be the last option simply because when a tooth is extracted, our body is NOT capable of growing another! Think of this as you look for a good dentist.

Work Ethics

One more thing that you need to consider is the way the dentist is working - observe the amount of work done during a single visit. A good dentist does a lot of work throughout a single visit. This is done because the dentist is attempting to lower your expenses by completing it all in one single visit so you will not have to return for the same problem. However, a bad dentist will attempt to split the treatment into multiple visits. He/she will do as little work as possible, tell you to come again in two weeks and send you home. The majority of these multiple visits are in fact arranged to take your money. The more times you come - the more cash you need to spend, as each visit is charged individually. So, many dentists "stretch" the treatment into 5 visits, though they could get the job done in only 2. These types of dentists don't even love their work; they simply just do it for the money. As soon as you notice this sort of substandard service, switch to another dentist.

Pain Awareness

When in doubt as to what to look for in a good dentist - consider the pain you'll possibly be going through during the treatment. This is very important, for you will certainly feel pain along the way. Well, a good dentist will continually check your non-verbal communication and also facial expressions. As soon as the dentist sees that you're in pain, he/she will try to relieve that pain by boosting the amount of local anesthetic or altering something in the process. A good dentist will attempt to be gentle as much as he is able to and won't cause extreme pain.


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