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By: Jason Lom
Your home is a big investment and if you are interested in making some improvements, you would want to do things in a proper way, so that everything turns out to be great in the end. Painting your home every few years, or paying somebody else for the job can get expensive with time. Most of the people are interested in maintenance free home. That's the reason why so many of them hire vinyl siding contractors for premium vinyl siding installation.

Today more and more people prefer vinyl siding installation because it is durable and sturdy. There is no need for any large scale maintenance, repair and cleaning since vinyl siding gives "as if new" look even after years. There is so much variety, and shades that you can choose the best one to coordinate with your home hues. There are many vinyl designs, beater, shingles, board and so on.

While vinyl siding adds value to your house, but improper DIY installation, including wrong nailing techniques (if you are doing installation yourself) may lead to denial of warranty claims. It can also lead to wavy and dimpled siding job that may lead to costly repairs by vinyl siding contractors. There are more than 2000 nails in a 1650 square foot siding installation. This creates umpteen possibilities of something going wrong somewhere, so a good vinyl siding contractor is the best person to do your vinyl siding installation job.

Vinyl Siding Installation Cost

Siding projects can have varying costs, even with same contractors, and mainly depends on product choices and the things included in the package, such as window trims, tear off, freeze boards, soffits, shutters, facias, gutter, accessories, and down spouts.

You can get vinyl siding in different thicknesses, qualities, profiles and lengths. While many contractors offer standard 12'6" or 12' long siding panels, some even sell 20' and above for a nicer job with much lesser seams. However, they can be harder to handle and can be more expensive than shorter ones mainly due to shipping costs.

You should also ask vinyl siding contractors whether they use newer technology or just nails for installing vinyl siding. It is better to opt for no nail system as it can easily stand the test of time and stand against elements. In the traditional kind of installation, siding is nailed to your house, but latest bracket system uses no nails, but only screws and some metal strips that allow for contraction and expansion. This installation is much easy and can be done within a short time.

If vinyl siding contractors know proper ways to install the vinyl siding they can even take one of the low end siding panels and still make your home look great. Actually, low end vinyl siding won't be as impact resistant, and would be more prone to fading and cracking. When you are buying vinyl siding, you will get what you pay for. Therefore, you can get the best results if you chose high quality sidings as it will not only enhance the looks of your house, but will also last for years.


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