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By: John V
An enterprise social platform has many benefits, but one of the most useful is actually the least obvious. Most business managers know the value of project autopsies, but few actually take the time to carry them out after a job is finished. It can be laborious to gather all the schedules, compare goals with results, and analyze employee performance. In most cases the goals and schedules were never documented in the first place. This is where an enterprise social network can help.

Knowledge management tools have all aspects of a well-run task built in: schedules, guidelines, expectations, milestones, and deadlines. When the job is completed, this documentation becomes invaluable to the management team. With the click of a button, one can create a side-by-side comparison of what the team set out to do and what was actually achieved and in what timeframe.

When clear goals are defined at the beginning of a business endeavor, they can be easily compared against results for a true measure of success. When goals are not entirely met, managers can further explore the process to see where the team went off track.

Because an enterprise social platform keeps detailed schedules on record, team leaders have instant access to the projected timeline and the actual timeline of an activity. It becomes incredibly simple to identify where the schedule failed and where employees needed more resources or more time to complete an activity. This gives leaders in-depth experience that can be applied to future scenarios for a more realistic and effective schedule.

When a manager has the tools to easily recognize speed bumps in a project autopsy, there is great opportunity for improvement. Why did the employee under-deliver? What unforeseen circumstances arose? What can be done in the future to avoid such a hiccup? Specific data is the key to specific solutions, and with effective enterprise software, such data is accessible and user-friendly for the first time. The right enterprise social platform will help managers to improve team performance through detailed project autopsies. It will also help you prevent hard earned information from leaving or getting lost. The perfect project autopsy with your enterprise social platform is designed to raise efficiency by improving the way managers, employees, and clients interact and exchange information with each other. Use your enterprise social network to analyze strengths and areas of growth. Put your business to the test and take it to the next level.


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