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By: Ian Canaway
For the longest time, people believed that the earth was flat and that if you traveled all the way to the end, you would fall off! People were trapped; they were stuck in a world that reached out only as far as they could see - a world much, much smaller than the actual size of earth. They were stuck not because that was all that they had available to them, but because that's all they "believed" they had.

They firmly held on to this belief until one day someone proved them wrong by sailing around the world. And in doing so, he opened up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for everyone. The rest of earth became available to them.

Beliefs are funny creatures. You see, beliefs are not necessarily based on what's true or factual in the world. The power of each belief comes only from the believer of that belief; the strength of your belief depends on how strongly you believe it to be true.

That means that you can believe whatever you want to believe. Because, as long as you believe it to be true, it will be true in your life. Consequently, you will attract events, experiences and people into your life that will match your beliefs, which will in turn strengthen those beliefs further.

The level of success of a person depends greatly on his/her beliefs. It depends greatly on how s/he views the world, through those beliefs. For this reason, it is very, very crucial to adopt only the beliefs that serve you and to let go of those beliefs that limit you.

Because, we don't always see what is "real." We perceive the world based on our beliefs. As we walk through life, we begin to realize that a lot of what we learned growing up was not very useful, or even true. We begin to realize that life is really about "choices." That we can choose to believe whatever we want. And if a certain belief is not very useful, we can change it.

You have done it before. It takes courage to be willing to look at your current beliefs and then decide whether they serve you or sabotage you, whether to keep them or get rid of them. But you have that choice. You have the power to change your beliefs, and to change what is "real" to you.

Here are a few commonly held beliefs, or "myths," that hold many of us back from achieving success...

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