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By: Roy Primm
"Niches are like bathrooms; you never notice one until you need it." -Primm (The Niche Man)

Fact: The person who finds or creates a special niche, gets the cream of our societies financial rewards. Whether you're Bill Gates or Joe Average.

The niche, and the person who creates them, is the main factor that separates one product from 15 others.

It’s shocking at how few books are written on the subject of creating niches. Niches are what all-successful products, and services have in common-without exception. It’s my pleasure to share this with you today.

To out-niche your competitors you must focus on these "14 commandments" of niche creation at all times. Observe the ones you apply to your business, product, or service – and watch your sales soar.

The 10 principles of creating a niche are as follows (in alphabetical order):

1. "The Principle of Adaptation" - The simplest way to create a new idea is to do what others in another business or industry are doing. Next, see if you can adapt it to your own business, product, or service.

2. "The Principle of Addition" - Can you add something extra to your product or service that your competition doesn’t have or isn’t doing?

3. "The Principle of Combination" - “What positive elements can you combine from another product or service to make yours better?” A candy bar did it with simple peanut butter and chocolate, and made a successful new product. So can you.

4. "The Principle of Customization" – Can you find little ways to personalize a part of your product or service? That’s a quick, easy, and cheap way to create niches. Can you make your product or service more personal and less cookie cutter?

5. "The Principle of Ease and Convenience" – Find more ways to make your product or service easier and more convenient to buy, use, or own.

6. "The Principle of Elimination" – What negative or inconvenience can you eliminate for your customer, with your product or service.

7. "The Principle of Enlargement" - Do people like your service or product? Then it's a sure-fire bet there is a segment of your market that would like even more of it. Can you super-size something?

8. "The Principle of Entertainment" - From cradle to grave, we all have this inner urge to be entertained, amused, or fascinated – especially before we spend our money. A relaxed customer spends more. Find little ways to amuse customers before, while or after they buy your product or service.

9. "The Principle of Longevity" - It’s making some feature of your product or service last longer. It can also include making a positive experience or feeling last longer. If you can do either, you will have a niche that’s hard to match.

10. "The Principle of Portability" - People hate to be tied down. So, if your product allows people the freedom to use your product or service in more than one place, that’s a powerful niche.

By following the above suggestions, you’ll be able to create powerful money-making niches. And leave your competition in the dust.

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