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By: Penny Monroe
Nowadays, increasingly more females are choosing bicycles for their everyday trips, running errands and also for simply having some good, productive excitement. In bike-friendly places everywhere, you'll see girls bike-commuting to work or school, moms pedalling around together with their little ones in safety bicycle seats, and trendy girls zipping to their dates in their stylish ladies' bikes. Businesses even offer women cyclist-friendly establishments that provide city commuters safe bath amenities (that includes fresh bath towels and hair-dryers), locker spaces and protected storage space. Needless to say, nowadays there are more businesses who support staff using their bicycles to the office, including lounges where workers can certainly clean up just before the day's tasks starts.

Even now, biking is still being viewed as an accident-prone hobby, especially in areas that have yet to create enlightened public guidelines that help support and protect the safe coexistence of bike riders, pedestrians and drivers on the roads. On a personal level, it's important too to remember some tips that make bike riding safer, better and more fun.

Find a bicycle that best fits you. Finding a fitting bike means searching for a frame and size that suits your height, and selecting functions and other specifications that will best suit your own structure of use. Would you want a bike that allows you to cruise leisurely, one that allows you to go faster, or maybe a model that permits you to transition to ranging speeds effortlessly? Is the coolness factor crucial to you? Exactly how heavy is the bike, and is the weight okay for you to lug to your third-floor flat?

A lady's bicycle has its benefits. Certain women will be comfortable with universal or utility bikes, however don't flip away the chance to see how bikes mainly designed for girls can be beneficial. Try to not see the term "ladies' bikes" as something that stereotypes genders. Bicycles of this make, especially the high-quality types, are only named so to identify its features from other bikes; they are designed so you exert lesser energy (hence making you less exhausted!), and are also designed to help you ease to a far more secure, comfortable and better place, causing you to be more noticeable to people on the streets and drivers.

In addition, you need to take a peek at those beautiful vintage bikes, with their moderate shades and streamlined, timeless style!

Make a promise. Bike riding helps you lose more than 15 pounds a year without the need to alter your eating practices-but as long as you push the pedal regularly. Hence make sure you make it easy for yourself to agree to this healthy habit. Have your bike always good to go so it becomes functional for daily use,customise and personalise it, choose clothes and fashion accessories that make riding a lot more fashionable and enjoyable. When you see biking not only as a way of transport but also as a great lifestyle choice, you'll be able to appreciate how your decision links you to a bigger neighborhood that is interested in making a positive impact to the town and the world they live in.


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