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By: Edward B. Toupin
Life alignment is the process of taking out the rough spots and aligning your life with your personal goals, desires, and objectives. It all has to do with your core belief systems and how you must learn to enhance them so that you can once again move forward in your life. The ultimate objective of balance is to define who you are now, and define your values, vision, mission, and goals.

The basic elements of aligning your life are simple. As listed below, they consist of a set of core rules that provide an outline to help you grasp and understand what it is that you want out of life. In the e-book Balancing Act --- Balance Your Life and Grow Beyond Your Current Boundaries!, we step through these rules so that you can have a set course to follow and understand the concepts presented.

* Who Are You: Define and accept yourself and your surroundings, but do not allow your environment, habits, physical issues, or doubt to define you.

* Accept Responsibility: Do not place the burden of success and failures on others and do not destroy someone else for personal gain.

* Take Control: Do not worry about those things that are out of your control, instead, take responsibility for your life and for things that you can control.

* Obtaining Power: Do not see things as impossible only because you cannot accomplish them immediately. Determine why it appears to be impossible and figure out how to accomplish it.

* Organize Your Life: Define and eliminate false hope and desires. Let go of things that are of little consequence in your life.

* Plan Your Journey: Learn to change and adjust to move along your path toward your new destinations. Never stop looking ahead and never stop learning. Education reduces fear of failure and of the vast unknown.

* Take Action: Reward yourself and live life to the fullest.

Aligning your life involves the organization and management of priorities. It is the elimination of things that are no longer of any use and the alignment of essential items so that they are of greater use to you in your pursuit of your goals. Aligning your life means setting a vision and putting everything in motion to reach that vision.

However, an aligned life is never set in stone. Life alignment is a continual, interactive process. As you move forward in life, you will grow and experience new things. As you grow, your ultimate vision changes, as will your alignment processes and the plans necessary to achieve personal fulfillment.

About the Author

Edward B. Toupin is an author, life-strategy coach, counselor, and technical writer living in Las Vegas, NV. Among other things, he authors books, articles, and screenplays on topics ranging from career success through life organization and fulfillment. For more information, e-mail Edward at or visit his sites at or

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