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By: Unnah Mitchels
If you're looking for information on how you can have a baby boy in a natural way, then here are several techniques on just the best way to do it - direct to the point. It's actually a complex matter but it is provided below using plain terms so you learn the entire process easily.

There are three secrets to getting pregnant with a baby boy: the right time, position, and alkalinity.


Make love on ovulation day. For what reason? It's for the reason that the Y-sperm moves faster compared to the female sperm. Ovulation is the period whenever the egg is discharged out of the ovary and then waits for the semen to merge with it. It ordinarily happens approximately during the middle of the woman's cycle. When the male sperm gets there first, there is a larger possibility of having a boy.

However it is trickier than it seems. The ovulation day is certainly not very easy to figure out. Several techniques of determining the day of ovulation include the BBT method, urine ovulating test, and cervical mucus technique.

In accordance with this theory concerning how to conceive a baby boy, you should steer clear of having intercourse 2-3 nights before the estimated day of ovulation. You must aim to have intercourse near the woman's ovulation. It shouldn't be done more than one day prior to the predicted ovulation. It is mainly because the Y-sperm is assumed to reach the egg first because it is quicker compared to the X-sperm.


Use a deep position during love making, particularly during climax. For what reason? It's because the male sperm die earlier than the X-sperm. Having a deep position gives the Y-sperm a faster and easier access to an egg cell. And this must occur before they die. Recommended postures are the "man on top" and the "from-behind" position.


Generally, alkalinity favors the male sperm and the lower PH levels favor the female sperm. All semen will struggle to make it through in a very acidic surrounding. And because the male sperm die sooner, they'll be the first to die. Having a body with higher PH levels is more effective in case you want to have a baby boy.

How to help make your entire body become more alkaline? There are two ways. The first one is that the lady must climax before the guy. Climaxing makes the woman more alkaline. The second one is the couple's eating habits. The partners should eat more alkaline foods.

Preparing For Getting Pregnant With A Baby Boy

Planning the gender of your baby requires a change in the diet and lifestyle of the husband and wife. Both of them have to put in hard work to be successful. The procedure must be a "laser-targeted" one. They should be mindful in figuring out her ovulation day since it's really important in getting pregnant with a boy. The woman should climax prior to the guy. And the partners must eat more of certain foods and avoid a few others. Obviously, the partners should perform these only up until the male sperm has penetrated the egg!

Within 12 months of striving, you're sure to already have conceived a boy. You will be stunned when the ultrasound verifies it before long. It's all worth the effort.


Gender planning is amazing but it is true. A lot of studies have proven its effectiveness. To learn more, kindly visit:
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