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By: Unnah Mitchels
Platinum, another precious metal distinct from silver and gold, is no longer commonly seen in the investment industry. The metal was discovered in the sixteenth century AD but only in the year 1750 was it found abundantly. Throughout finance industry, platinum isn't used as payment. It is still obtainable today but not as needed as it was in the past. Only the most renowned coin makers globally mint coins made of platinum.

Platinum was discovered by the native Indians but it was just in the Spanish conquest of the Americas was it acknowledged by European scientists as a precious metal. Based on research made by the early scientists in Europe, platinum was found to be an element of chemistry which would not liquefy using fire. The discovery eventually made the way for the minting of coins made of platinum.

Platinum was not abundant with availability. Until now, Columbia is still the only major maker of this commodity throughout the whole world and it has discontinued exporting such precious metal. It was actually in 1882 that platinum was seen to be just as valuable as silver and gold. This was after the Russian government began making platinum into rubles and minted five hundred thousand troy ounces using it. This was the earliest platinum coins.

When the value of platinum increased alongside the Embargo on Arab Oil event 35 years ago, demand for platinum increased. The demand for platinum coins also spread out throughout the United States and Europe wherein two platinum fabricators, namely Johnson Matthew & Co. Ltd. and Engelhard Corporation started producing platinum bullion in 1 and 10 ounces.

30 years ago, the very first Isle of Man Noble Platinum Coin was minted. This event started the interest of various other coin makers to mint their own coins made of platinum including Canada and Australia. The manufacturing of coins made of platinum did not reach the US till the late nineties with the introduction of the first American Eagle Platinum coin.

Platinum is not made use of globally to be a sort of legal tender notwithstanding its launch and production by prestigious coin makers in the world. A number of the coins made of platinum these days have become a sort of a collector's item than an accepted legal tender. Only the following coins made of platinum remain in the industry: American Platinum Eagle, Australian Platinum Koala, Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, Russian Federation platinum bullion coins, and Chinese Platinum Panda.

Amongst the collection, only the mintage of the American Eagle has continued having the latest minting done in three years ago. Other than the American Eagle, manufacturing of almost all platinum coins has stopped.

There came a period when platinum traded in about similar value of gold, the exact reason demand for the metal went up. It was this type of price that caused the entire mintage of American Eagle Platinum Coins in 1997 and 1998. However, once the price of platinum moved even greater, investor interest lessened, decreasing the manufacturing of the platinum coins also. Current value for platinum is approximately $1,041 per troy ounce.


Investing in coins made of platinum is definitely worth it. It is already higher in price compared to gold hence you must make investments now to get better returns later on. In case you would like additional tips, kindly go to:
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