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The POWER GRIP® logo represents a patented one body member dome bat grip "DOME BAT GRIP™"for proper knuckle alignment and bat knob coverage for greater bat speed and control. When using the POWER GRIP® it is optional to use batting gloves due to the soft sticky rubber like material. The POWER GRIP® also rotates around the bat handle in order not to keep hitting the same sweet spot on aluminum bats.

For viewing an example of proper bat gripping go here.


The POWER GRIP® is for all ages and levels of baseball and softball. Youth to College baseball players and amateur to pro softball players benefit from what the DOME BAT GRIP™, POWER GRIP® delivers. Not approved for legal play in Major League Baseball.


The POWER GRIP® is especial useful in batting cage workouts and cold weather play.


The POWER GRIP® is installed onto any baseball or softball bat by using a bat grip application device. Installing takes about 5 minutes, 3 minutes to remove the old bat grip and clean the bat handle, and 2 minutes to install the new POWER GRIP®. Some skill and good physical condition is needed for installing. The installation instructions are available here. See how to install the POWER GRIP® onto your bat here.


The POWER GRIP® has been tested by all levels of players and coaches, receiving excellent reviews. Youth baseball players and coaches found it to be a true teaching tool for batting fundamentals and a major reduction of bat sting, slippage and bat flight. Adult men and women baseball and softball players found the POWER GRIP® to increase bat speed and control.

The POWER GRIP® is within the guidelines for legal play by the following Associations, NOTE the POWER GRIP® is Not endorsed or recomended by the following Associations. The United States Specialty Sports Association - USSSA, Amateur Softball Association of America - ASA, Independent Softball Association - ISA and International Softball Congress - ISC. And also the National Collegiate Athletic Association Baseball & Softball - NCAA, National Federation of State High School Associations Baseball & Softball - NFHS and Little League Baseball & Softball - LLB.

We are also in the process of seeking to include the following Associations on our website as we believe the POWER GRIP® is within the guidelines for legal play by them: Pony Baseball and Softball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, American Amateur Baseball Congress, National Amateur Baseball Federation and NSA Softball.

The POWER GRIP has no competition as a replacement one body member dome bat grip. The only competitor is the patented V-Grip™ baseball and softball bats, that is the bat handle patent # 7,086,973 by Don Mattingly of the New York Yankees. View the V-Grip™ here. The advantage the POWER GRIP has over the V-Grip™ is that the POWER GRIP is a replacement one body member baseball and softball dome bat grip for aluminum and wooden bats. Providing for door knocking knuckle alignment, inreased bat speed and control, reduces bat slippage & sting and also rotates around the bat handle in order not to keep hitting the same sweet spot on aluminum bats. The POWER GRIP patent # 6,752,731 was patented before the patented V-Grip™. Some of the replacement, rap around bat grips on the market are; Cutters C-Tack Bat Grip, Louisville Slugger LSA123 Leather Replacement Bat Grip Tap, Rawlings Replacement Bat Grip, Easton Pro Tack Bat Grip Tap, Franklin Synthetic Baseball Bat Handle Grip Tap and Markwort Totes Supergrip II Baseball Bat Grip Tap, that do not provide a dome for door knocking knuckle alignment for added bat speed and control.